More Compromise

Compromise can mean different things to different people.  When I am going to dinner and I ask my daughter where we should go she always says the same thing, Friendly’s.   I hate Friendly’s so I suggest PF Chang’s, she hates that place so we wind up at a place that has something we both like.  That is a compromise. When President Obama says he wants to work with Republicans on a compromise what is he really saying?  He doesn’t mean compromise he means you should capitulate to his side.  He has his beliefs and he wants to get his agenda through.

James and I were discussing this very point last night.  You can’t secure a little of a network.  We can’t assess a portion of the network and give a client a full report.  We can’t do this but bend here or there.

Complete work has to be a philosophy of any business.  The mission of a business should be to provide X and Y while protecting their clients entire interest.  Would you go to a dentist office whose mission was: “To provide outstanding oral care to the top row of teeth”?

Someone once asked me to setup logging for users so they could see who was logging in.  I said we could do that no problem, but we should do an assessment so we have a complete picture of the network and make sure we capture all of the logins from all the different applications.  He said no we just need the logins enabled for the Windows computers.  I said that it wouldn’t be accurate because of all the MAC computers (half the company uses MAC’s).  He said it was fine just turn it on.  I asked who should we train on the location and reading of the logs?  His response, “We don’t need to train anyone on reading them.  Our auditors just want the logging enabled.”  Security isn’t in the DNA of this IT department.  They are just going through the motions.