More on Mobile Security

Some people may think I am a prude when it comes to mobile devices and my ideas are antiquated.  Maybe but the research says I am right.  I am not one to just throw facts at people but just consider a few of them.

  1. Mobile malware can completely control mobile devices.  Even dialing numbers and racking up adult line type charges.
  2. In the 1980’s analysts questioned why anyone would want to use a PC for criminal activity.
  3. Over 500 malware programs have been identified for mobile devices, some in the wallpaper on the phones.
  4. Android relies on the carriers and the marketplace to vet applications.  That is much less strict than Windows, RIM and Windows.

If mobile malware can do all of this, don’t you think it could steal PII?  It is time you took mobile security as seriously as you take desktop security.  As Windows XP fades away attackers will look for the next low hanging fruit.