Control of Mobile Devices

In a recent study of mobile security it was found that 33% of employees store sensitive company information on their mobile phones.  In another study 93% of security professional feel that allowing personal phones access to corporate email poses a security risk.  You bet it does! Central control of mobile devices is the key to corporate security and mobility.  And not just from a password and email perspective but as a data loss prevention measure.  Windows Phone 7, iOS, and BlackBerry all claim to have tight security measures.  But only one of them can have complete control over the device giving the security team the ability to secure it, and remotely destroy it if necessary.  BlackBerry is the winner in case you were wondering.

With us we can send email from our mobile handhelds and they pass the same security checks and encryption checks as any email.  There is no difference to us if we send from a desktop, web mail, or handhelds.  That is security.

There is a big difference in business and consumer devices and the line between them needs to be strict.