User Awareness Training

Do your users know how to handle information like credit cards and patient information?  We have found that most companies don’t train their employees how to properly handle information.  Employees are typically given a form on their first day to sign stating they understand the security policy.  They are then thrown into the job.  By the end of the first day the last thing they will remember is how you want information handled. Formal training goes a long way to saving the information.  And if you use an outside vendor they can use different language and tell stories to better make the points.  This also frees the trainer up to be brutally honest.  Training doesn’t have to be long, simple 1 hour sessions on a regular basis is all that is needed.  Here are some training classes to consider offering to your employees by an outside vendor, like us:

  • Properly Handling Information
  • Safe Computing Practices
  • Identity Theft Prevention (helps to understand the risks by seeing the other side)
  • Properly Disposing of Information