Trends in the security industry suggest that something called tokenization is the future of security.  So what is tokenization? Well a general explanation is this.  Let’s say you take the work DATA ad you want to send that word to another computer (Like when you transmit cardholder data, PHI, PII, etc.)  The word gets broken up into separate letters D A T A.  Each letter is then changed with a secret word that can be decoded on the remote server, for example D becomes ;lk;k%%%.  The word is then reassembled on the remote end, processed, and sent on.

Some of us think this is the way text messages look with all the codes and abbreviations.  Kidding aside this technology is really cool.  If we can secure every character or symbol then reassemble it we can secure almost anything.  But be careful of vendors selling buzz this word.  The technology is new and only a few players are really good at this.