Network Security Assessment

Network Security Assessments

Sometimes it's hard to know where to even begin. There are too many things that all need to be taken care of, and they are all very important to the security of your network and organization. We all want to be better-equipped to defend our organization against an external or internal threat. You need a plan for that. 

Our Security Assessment service dives deep into your network, looking at all aspects of security to determine and highlight potential risks. Taking a holistic approach, we build each test to take into account all aspects of your network. From the hardware and software itself, to the business process and social engineering, we dive deep into every factor that contributes to keep your clients, your employees, and yourself protected.

  • Business Process Review
    Diving into the policies, procedures, data handling, and network access, we determine how securely day-to-day operations are handled.

  • Network and Server Testing
    Testing the network access, server configurations, and user access, we can find any possible holes for unauthorized access into any part of the network.

  • Data Loss Prevention
    By reviewing the protections in place, we can determine how difficult, it at all possible, it is for sensitive information to leave a network.

  • End Point Testing
    Scanning and assessing every device residing on the network allows us to determine how easily it can be used as an entry point for an intruder.


Non-Biased Result
We don't use a Security Assessment to sell you more services, so we're focused on giving you a realistic and likely forecast.  Using an outside source for these kinds of assessments is the best way to ensure an unbiased, straight-forward report on your security status.

On-Site or Remote
Different environments call for different needs. We can perform our test both remotely and on-site.

Looking At the Big Picture
Sometimes it’s easy to focus just on the IT side of things, but this isn’t the only part of your organization.  During our assessment, we perform a business process review in which we talk not only to IT, but to Management, HR and Accounting.  We want to get a look at the whole business, because there could be things being overlooked in other areas that greatly affect your security.



Our Security Professionals can assist you by creating an action plan fitted specifically for your needs. We'll meet with you and discuss your company from your point of view. Unlike other IT Consulting companies, we don't pretend to know exactly how you want to run your company. After determining where you want to be, we run several tests on your network to determine the best course of action and develop a plan.  This plan will show you exactly how to achieve the strong, secure network that you need. 



If you'd like to know more, you can contact us and we'll help you in any way we can!