Phishing TEst FAQ

Phishing test questions and answers.

Q. Can we make up our own messages? Yes! In fact, that’s standard in all of our Phishing Tests. In order to get the best results, and to properly simulate an attack, JSCM Group will work directly with you to craft your Phishing or Vishing message.

Q. Can we target specific people in our organization? Certainly! Targeting specific people, or Spear Phishing, is actually how most of the successful phishing attacks work. Therefor, to best simulate an attack and get you the best results, we will work with you to target specific members or groups within your organization.

Q. Can you try and get them to click on a link? Definitely! All of our Phishing and Spear Phishing tests can be customized in many ways, and we test on one of two methods. The first is information gathering, where we try to get personal or sensitive information directly from the target. The second is to get the target to click on a link that we send in the email. Both methods are highly effective, and you do have the option to conduct both in our Phishing Tests.