Penetration Testing - Charlotte, NC

Penetration Testing

A Penetration Test involves simulating the effects of a hacker attempting to break into your network. The problem with most other tests is that they are pre-built software programs, designed to run against your network. However, hackers aren’t software! The software solution can in no way properly simulate how a human being will try to enter your network and damage or steal your information. Since you need an unbiased, honest look at your network, you still need to find an outside organization to test your security.



When we handle a Penetration Test, we take many steps to ensure you get the most thorough and extensive test possible. First, we meet with you to determine exactly what your needs are, and personalize our testing to you. The test is then performed by the Certified Ethical Hacker that we have on staff. Our tests can be done either remotely or on-site, depending on what suits your needs.



We use several vectors to simulate the attack: software, intelligence, and social engineering.  This multi-pronged method gives you the best test results in the industry.  The information gained from this test will better-position you to make the best decisions about your network security practices and purchases.

All of our findings are completely confidential. We do not store or share any sensitive information after conducting our test.



To learn more about our Penetration Testing methods or pricing, you can contact us today!