WatchGuard Firewall Management

WatchGuard Firewall Management

WatchGuard Firewall Management

2015 & 2016 WatchGuard Partner of the Year!

Not all organizations have the time or manpower to worry about managing their devices 100% of the time.  With that comes overlooked configurations, outdated firmware, and ignored issues. That's where we come in.

Our team of WatchGuard Advanced Certified Professionals and Trainers paired with our status as the 2015 & 2016 WatchGuard Partner of the Year will make sure that you never need to worry about keeping your firewall up-to-date, managing your subscriptions, or making back-ups. We make sure that you have the time to focus on the most important thing in your business: your clients. 

WatchGuard Firewall Management is what we do.  You will see what makes us unique and you will save money.

WatchGuard Firewall Management is what we do.  You will see what makes us unique and you will save money.

Our Firewall Management Service provides you with a top-to-bottom management service that takes care of all of your firewall needs. Our team of firewall and security specialists are here for you to help with any firewall issues or changes. Our Firewall Management Service includes a wide range of aspects to safeguard your network from threats, and to ensure optimal performance.

  • Unlimited Firewall Help Desk Access
    • Subscription Service Configuration

    • Employee Authentication and Monitoring

    • Employee Quotas

    • Website Access And Blocking

  • Firewall Traffic Analysis

    • Application Analysis

    • Intrusion Detection Analysis

    • Web Traffic Analysis

  • On-Demand Reporting

  • Quarterly Exclusive Best Practices Webinar

  • VPN Implementation

  • Firmware Upgrades

  • Policy Reviews

  • Proactive Security

    • Application Control Updates 

    • WebBlocker Configuration 

    • Proactive Geolocation Blocking 



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What model firewall does your WatchGuard Management work on? - Our WatchGuard management works on any WatchGuard firewall device (E-Series, XTM, Firebox, T-Series, M Series etc).

Do I still need an internal Dimension server if we use this service?  That is completely up to you. You can continue to use your internal server if you prefer, for example if you have compliance or regulation concerns, or you can utilize ours in our secure data center.

Do you have an SLA?  Yes, we will provide you with our service level agreement (SLA) once we begin the engagement process.  Our firewall management team is on call 24 hours a day and will handle emergency issues as needed.

If we use you for firewall management, can you also help us with renewal and new devices?  Yes, our sales team can assist with any renewals and replacement devices if you want to work with us.  We are the top WatchGuard partner in North American and will give you the most aggressive pricing.