Fortinet Firewall Management

Fortinet Firewall Management
Fortinet Firewall Management
Fortinet Firewall Management

Our Fortinet Firewall Management Service provides you with a state-of-the-art management service that takes care of all of your firewall requirements. Our team of firewall and security architects are here to help you with any firewall issues or changes. The Firewall Management Service uses a wide range of advanced security maintenance, automated visibility into cloud applications, IoT devices and automatically discovers end to end topology view of the enterprise network to keep your network safe.

Fortinet Firewall Management

We Include All of This With Our Fortinet
Firewall Management Flat Pricing

  • Risk Management

    • Intrusion Detection - Immediate Notification of a Possible Breach using FortiGate NGFW Service

    • BOT Detection - We Monitor for any BOT Traffic on the Network to Detect Malware

    • Ransomware Protection - Prevent Known and Unknown Malware

    • Breach Notification - We Will Notify you of a Possible Security Breach

    • DDoS Detection and Prevention - Stop Denial of Service Attacks on Your Network

    • Malware and Virus Detection - We Notify You if a Device Has a Virus/Malware

  • FortiGate Firewall Health

    • Utilization - We Can Detect and Correct If Your Device Becomes Slow

    • ISP Detection - Get Notified of an ISP Outage Before Your Users Know

    • Port Monitoring - We Monitor All Ports for Network Connection Issues

  • Unlimited FortiGate Firewall Help Desk Access

  • Subscription Service Configuration

    • Website Access And Blocking

    • Employee Quotas

    • Employee Authentication and Monitoring

  • FortiGate Firewall Traffic Analysis

    • Application Analysis

    • Intrusion Detection Analysis

    • Web Traffic Analysis

    • SD-WAN Analysis

  • On-Demand Reporting

    • User/Group Activity Reports - Get the Details on What Your Users are Doing Online

    • Bandwidth - Monitor Bandwidth Usage to Optimize ISP Performance

  • VPN Implementation

    • Site-to-Site VPN

    • Hub-and-spoke and full mesh VPN

    • High-Performance Crypto VPN

  • FortiGate Firmware Upgrades

    • Fully Tested - We Deploy Stable Firmware After Deep Testing Only

    • Secure Focused - We Put Security First - Not Cutting Edge

  • FortiGate Policy Reviews

    • Stay Secure - Our Analysts Review Your Firewall Policies for Best Practices

    • Stay Legal - Ensure Your Firewall Policies Meet Legal and Regulation Compliance

  • Proactive Security Updates

  • Quarterly Exclusive Best Practices Webinar

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