Email Security, Compliance, and Archiving

Email Security, Compliance, and Archiving

Email Archiving and Compliance

Email Archiving and Compliance is a legal requirement for many companies and organizations.  However, most businesses are out of compliance or lack a proper plan to meet this requirement.  Further, not having this in place increases the exposure for business owners and shareholders.

Comply with federal, regional, and industry regulations with tamperproof read-only and encrypted email storage, dual data centers, automatic quality verification, dual commit message capture, auditable message serialization, and legal hold capabilities.

Email Archiving and Compliance is a simple and cost effective way to reduce your risk and exposure.  We have developed solid solutions for any organization that will not break the bank and makes it easy to regain control.


  • Unlimited Storage
  • Store Messages Automatically
  • Asset Owners Maintain Control
  • Retrieve Messages Without IT Assistance
  • Powerful Search Capabilities
  • Hold For up to 10 Years
  • Support for over 500 Attachment Types
  • Stored using 256 Bit Encryption

It is your data and your business.  Maintain the quality you require and reduce your risk.



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