2019 Cyber Security Tested Verification

Birkdale Office Suites, LLC

Birkdale Office Suites, LLC

This web page verifies that Birkdale Office Suites has completed a security assessment of their organization in 2019 and is making a good-faith effort to reduce the risk of a data breach or loss of client information. JSCM Group is a cyber security testing, training, and management company that has been conducting security assessments for over 20 years. Our in-depth and highly methodical testing procedures look at all aspects of a client’s network and data. So when you see this badge, you can be confident that Birkdale Office Suites is taking steps to secure and protect your information.

Legal Company Name: Birkdale Office Suites, LLC

Official Company Website: www.birkdaleoffice.com

Main Phone Number: (980) 729-5780

Birkdale Office Suites has been tested for:

  • Policies and Procedures

  • Equipment Handling

  • Information Handling

  • User Access

  • Access Controls

  • Email Procedures and Security

  • Applications

  • Compliance and Regulation

  • Social Engineering Testing


It is possible that a new threat can arise after a test is completed, so always be cautious. This organization is being proactive and working to protect your personal information. However, customers should always be cautious and use care when giving out information to any business. You should never disclose more than is absolutely necessary to conduct any transaction.

JSCM Group does not warrant the security or data handling of any organization and is not responsible if one of our clients suffers a data breach.

This does not verify that the products or services this organization offers have been evaluated and JSCM Group does not warrant or endorse any product through this organization.