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Fractional CIO Services

While not all organizations have the ability or finances to have a full-time CIO on staff, the benefits to having one are numerous, and in many ways, necessary. In these cases, it's important to have guidance around technology and what direction your firm needs to go, now and into the future.

We can assist your organization with providing a fractional CIO/CSO/CISO with decades of experience leading organizations and technology.  We separate our virtual CIO team members from our other areas of business to avoid any bias.

What a CIO/CSO/CISO Provides an Organization

  • Develop IT Strategy for Organization

  • Develop Cyber Security Policies and Architecture to Organization

  • Develop and Maintain Policy and Procedures for Organization

  • Software and Application Oversight

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

  • Planning and Budgeting of IT Department

  • Job Descriptions and Hiring

  • Work with Leadership and Board of Directors

  • Governance



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What is a CIO/CSO/CISO?  CIO stands for Chief Information Officer, CSO is a Chief Security Officer, and a CISO is a Chief Information Security Officer.  Depending on the size of the organization, the IT and Security roles may be operate or combined.

I have an IT Director, is that the same?  No.  An IT Director is a high level person responsible for the day to day and rollout of IT projects in an organization.  Higher level oversight, budgeting, oversight, and board objectives fall on the shoulders of the C-level IT person. Further, IT and Development are different skill sets.  The C-level will ensure those separate teams are working together.